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May Ministry Update

  Reflection and Renewal Hello, Friends! I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the end of this Spring Season! This month has been bursting to the seems of God's goodness. It's been a month full of reflections, celebrations and renewal. I remember preparing to write my first blog at the start of the apprenticeship and being so uncertain of how the year would go, but as I consider the last 10 months, I have to grin a goofy grin because God has been so kind, your generosity has been so felt, and students have been so transformed! Your steadfast support and investment in the lives of college students to know God and experience authentic friendships have been such a blessing - thank you!  Sabbath Retreat Our staff is required to take a half-day Sabbath retreat each semester. The bustle of this second semester really got to me and I waited until nearly the last minute to plan. I was able to take a Friday morning to be with Jesus in one of my favorite settings : nature! My fa