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  A Very Joyful January I'll praise 'cause You're sovereign, praise 'cause You reign Praise 'cause You rose and defeated the grave I'll praise 'cause You're faithful, praise 'cause You're true Praise 'cause there's nobody greater than You As long as I'm breathing I've got a reason to Praise the Lord, oh my soul I won't be quiet, my God is alive So how could I keep it inside? (I gotta) Praise the Lord, oh my soul These lyrics from Elevation Worship's song Praise was the anthem of our annual Winter Retreat. In listening and singing these lyrics, it entered my heart how wonderful it is to have this opportunity to proclaim this news about who our good God is. Not only that, but hearing this echoed in the voices of 500+ college students made it all the more incredible! So for this month's blog, I want to share some way the Lord has been on the move and how your support has been instrumental in the furthering of these anthem

December Delights

  December's Gifts    Hello! Welcome to another monthly ministry update! I hope you and your loved ones had a very Merry Christmas!  This December has been filled with many more moments of slowing down and reflecting on the year and semester that has passed. In the process, I have been deeply moved by the many kind gifts God has provided. Your support has been such a gift this semester and I am deeply thankful for your partnership in ministry!  While entering into December, my small group and I got to do a joint reading plan on Advent. It was so neat getting to study about the deeper meaning and implications of God's incarnation with students! Here are a few of there takeaways from different days: "It is through the strength of Christ that I can share his glory and story." - Briana  "I can't find peace in anything other than the Lord. When I put God at the forefront of my life and make Him my first priority, I will experience a peace that surpasses any other