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Monthly Ministry Update

  The Beginning Hi friends and family! Welcome to my ministry blog!  August arrived marking the start of my apprenticeship with FOCUS!  Although only a few weeks have gone by, it has already been full of exciting events and sweet moments of communion with God. I have often been left teary eyed as gratitude has swelled in me for this opportunity to spend the next 10 months serving college students and building a deeper foundational understanding of scripture. I am so thrilled to share how God is already at work and how your partnership is building up the Kingdom of Heaven at Collin College. Hitting the Ground Running The apprenticeship officially started July 31st and we hit the ground running! The first week consisted of the team of apprentices gathering together to start our graduate level course of the introduction to the Old Testament. Over the course of the first few days, we read through the first five books of the Hebrew Scripture (AKA the Pentateuch), listening to lectures, and