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September Ministry Update - The Planting Season

September comes with a change of season as the hotter summer weather begins to fade and autumn arrives. Traditionally, autumn is often known as the harvest season. In campus ministry, though, September is our planting season. It has been such a joy to get to participate in the Spirit's call to do the good work of cultivating hearts and minds. I am so excited to share how God has been on the move in the lives of students at Collin College and how your prayers and support are making it possible! Core  I can not express enough how blown away I am by the young women in my core (small group)! As I mentioned in my blog from August, the Collin staff and students welcomed students to campus during their first week of classes. Many of the students we met during the first week of classes, have been so faithful and hungry to learn about Jesus and to participate in community! This group of women have exhibited such a great desire for friendship with each other! I think God has a way of honorin